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Protect your vehicle and all your stored belongings from being stolen by relying on the professionals at Elite Auto Sounds & Home Theater to install a traditional or state-of-the-art anti-theft system. Get notified of a security breach immediately via text message or auto page, vehicles can also be tracked using the latest GPS technology. Protect your investment with a state of the art car security system in New Braunfels and Bulverde today.  

Benefits of today's state-of-the-art systems

Consider window tinting for added protection

Do you frequently store items in your personal or commercial vehicle that could be enticing to thieves? Consider having Elite Auto Sounds & Home Theater install window tinting. It’s an easy way to keep your vehicle contents private and offers extra benefits such a reducing sun glare, protecting upholstery, and making windows more shatter resistant.

By Jessy Mattix; Managing Director, Elite Auto Sounds & Home Theater


We all recognize this ever-occurring scenario: You are in a busy parking lot and a car siren starts whaling. People ignore the obnoxious sound, completely desensitized. Inevitably you will see someone fumbling for their keys to disarm the vehicle. But this isn’t the scenario every time. With car-napping on the rise, one every 20 seconds, how do we protect our vehicles and the contents within? And, why doesn’t your factory car alarm make the cut?

The main issue with a factory car alarm is predictability. Often, an experienced car thief knows how to disable a factory car alarm before even breaking into the car. All factory car alarm system are installed in the same place in the same way for every car on the assembly line. A quick snip or fuse removal is all it takes to quickly deactivate your industrial car alarm system. In contrast, an aftermarket car security system presents many installation methods and custom configuration options to keep a thief guessing. Hiding the “brain” of the car alarm system in an inaccessible location makes for a great theft deterrent.

One of the many and most effective aftermarket accessories is a 2-way paging remote. Repeat the scenario above. Except for this time, it is your vehicle and you are inside shopping completely unaware of the forced entry occurring in the parking lot. With an aftermarket paging remote attached to your keychain you will be immediately alerted with a series of tones and vibrations. A paging remote is functional up to a mile of vehicle. More accessories are integrated into an aftermarket car alarm system to further protect your investment including shock sensors and glass breakage sensors preventing a “smash and grab.” Most systems are now integrated with adjustable sensitivity. If a passerby simply brushes your car, a simple chirp provides as a warning. Whereas a forced entry will provoke a full siren when the vehicle is attacked.

But what about scenario number three? Your vehicle is in an airport parking lot and you are three states away on business. This is where the benefits of smart phone integration come in. With Viper SmartStart you are able to receive alerts for a car security breach anywhere that you get cellular service. An additional layer of security available is the starter kill option. In the case that a thief has successfully disarmed your car alarm system he will be unable to start the vehicle without access to the remote or cell phone. Additional technology includes real time GPS tracking, and alerts when your vehicle reaches a certain speed or leaves a designated area. Excellent for teen tracking. Car Alarm System aren’t just for security anymore. There are several bells and whistles that can be added to any aftermarket car security system. Keyless entry provides effortless access to your vehicle and can be added to cars with and without automatic door locks. Remote start is gaining popularity by providing the comfort of pre-warming or cooling your cars cabin. Cars are expensive. Protect your investment today. Arm yourself with some car security, luxury, and peace of mind.

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