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Aftermarket Upgrades for Your New Car or Truck

In the face of soaring interest rates, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to forego the premium package or audio upgrades when purchasing new vehicles. However, why let this deter you from experiencing the latest aftermarket tech features, such as remote starters, blind-spot monitoring, and a backup camera? At Elite Auto Sounds, we have the expertise to transform your vehicle, enhancing its safety and convenience. Let’s delve into some essential upgrades that will take your driving experience to new heights.

Backup Camera Upgrades

Whether you drive an SUV, pickup truck, or commercial vehicle, an aftermarket backup camera is a game-changer. Safely maneuvering in tight spaces becomes a breeze as the camera displays the area behind your vehicle on your infotainment screen or rearview mirror as soon as you shift into reverse. No more guesswork – you’ll have a clear view, preventing accidents and potential damage.

Forward-Facing Camera Additions

For larger vehicles, a forward-facing camera mounted on the front grille or bumper is a valuable asset. It helps you park with precision and allows you to spot obstacles left in front of your vehicle before you start moving.

Parking Sensor Systems

Avoid the stress of parking mishaps with parking sensor systems. These ultrasonic sensors detect objects, even small ones like signposts, and alert you with a loud beep when something is behind your car or truck. Go for rear-only systems or opt for premium front and rear sensors. Some retailers can even paint the sensors to match your bumper cover seamlessly.

Blind Spot Monitoring Systems

Never overlook your blind spots again! Aftermarket camera-based blind-spot monitoring systems display what’s beside your vehicle when you activate the turn signal, offering a comprehensive view. Alternatively, microwave-based sensor systems with flashing indicators help alert you to potential hazards when changing lanes.

Remote Car Starters

Experience ultimate convenience on chilly winter mornings or hot summer afternoons with a remote car starter. Warm up your vehicle or activate the AC while you get ready, ensuring a comfortable interior when you step in.

Window Tint and Paint Protection Film

Keep your car cool and protected with window tint film. High-quality window tint offers superior heat rejection, protects your interior, and adds a touch of style. Our selection of top-notch Suntek window films not only provides advanced heat rejection for a cooler interior but also shields your car’s interior from potential damage. Elevate your ride’s aesthetics while ensuring optimal performance with these upgrades. As skilled film installers, we’re here to seamlessly enhance your new vehicle.

Upgrade Your Vehicle Today

Don’t let the lack of premium options in your new vehicle hold you back. Embrace these upgrades and make your car or truck a safer, more comfortable place. At Elite Auto Sounds and Home Theater, we take pride in delivering top-notch aftermarket installations and helping you unlock the full potential of your ride. Contact us now to explore our range of upgrades and elevate your driving experience to new heights!

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